INTPA – International Net for Dance and Performance Austria

The "International Net for Dance & Performance Austria" (INTPA) supports Europe based performing arts presenters with guest performances of artists working in Austria.

INTPA is a joint initiative between Tanzquartier Wien, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs and the Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria.







INTPA 2017

In 2012 INTPA started as a pilot project and will continue until 30. JUNE 2017 (all submitted guest performances. as well as events must be held before this date!).

What is INTPA about?

INTPA supports Europe-based event organizers in guest-performances. Pro rata funding is provided for events that showcase artistic productions of choreographers/performers working in Austria. Artist-in-residence or exchange programs/scholarships are not eligible for participation.

The rationale behind this initiative is to support and promote Austrian artists and their accomplishments in dance and performance abroad and thus strengthen their position on a European level. Through the network, European event organizers are encouraged to cooperate with Austrian artists while being able to provide adequate incentives for Austrian artists to participate. The support also aims to mitigate the risk for event organizers associated with presenting artists and productions that are not yet known in the respective countries.

What countries does INTPA focus on?

INTPA support is aimed at countries within Europe with a particular focus on the Danube and Balkan regions.

Who can apply for INTPA support?

Only event organizers that are based in Europe, with the exception of Austria, are eligible to apply.

What sorts of initiatives are supported?

INTPA provides pro rata funding for European-based event organizers that showcase artistic productions of choreographers/performers working in Austria.
The majority of the funding is allocated to supporting individual guest performances of an artist or a performance group.

In addition to the support of individual guest performances, two festivals or serial performance projects will receive funding each year. In line with the program priorities, one will take place in a western European country while the other should be organized in the Danube and Black Sea regions. In order to further promote Austrian artists and the Austrian art scene, a framework program is offered at selected festivals, offering workshops conducted by the visiting Austrian artists or performance groups. The design and implementation of the framework program is jointly developed between Tanzquartier Wien and the local event organizer.

How to apply for support of individual guest performances?

The event organizer submits an application form (detailed project description and cost estimate) for the planned guest performance.
The application must be completed (and submitted electronically) at least two month prior to the scheduled performance date.
 The proposed production by the invited Au INTPA application_form and cost calculation english.xlsstrian artist must be ready to go on tour.
The cost estimate must comply with the minimum fee structure stated in the application form.

What expenses can be covered?

Pro rata funding (between 25% - 50%) applies to (a) fees and rehearsal fees of artists, (b) technical and program management stuff of the respective production, and (c) travel expenses and accommodation costs of the artist or the performance group. (Please note that support will be granted to a combination of the above categories and not for only one of them).

In order to facilitate the process, expenses related to the venue or on site management will not be included in the application or accounting.

In case your application is selected, the event organizers will receive a contract stating all funding conditions, responsibilities as well as accounting and reporting procedures.

How to apply for festival collaborations?

A number of festivals have been supported through this mechanism. Interested event organizers are asked to seek out a representative of Tanzquartier Wien for informal consultations. Interested parties are also encouraged to engage with the Austrian Cultural Forum in the respective country to discuss possibilities for support under this mechanism.

Who decides? Meet the Jury

An independent jury decides on both, the use of the funds and the projects to be selected, taking into consideration the program criteria.  The current members of the jury are Silvia Kargl  (journalist), Hannah Crepaz (event organizer) and Arno Böhler (philosopher).

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Contact and further information  
Ulrike Kuner / Head of Artistic Administration  
T: +43-1-581 35 91-25
F: +43-1-581 35 91-12
Mobile +43 664 81 40 432
E: ukuner [at] tqw-intpa [dot] at

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