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Zeitgenössisches Training mit OTTO RAMSTAD

24.4. – 6.5. (no training on MON 1.5.)
MON 24.4. + TUE 25.4. 9.30 h – 11.15 h
WED 26.4. – SAT 6.5. 10.45 h – 12.30 h

These classes are an embodied practice in movement expression and creation using the somatic approach of Body-Mind Centering®. We will mine the materials of our bodies to generate material for our dance making. Utilizing the support of different body systems, we will explore the balance of internal and external awareness and intention in performative contexts. We will focus on the artist as performer and their role in conveying content while understanding their audience. Together we will cultivate a vitality of presence, embodied intelligence, creativity and organization to put guts in our dancing and our mind in our bodies.

Otto Ramstad is a certified teacher of Body-Mind Centering® who teachs Body-Mind Centering®, dance, and video internationally in contexts such as Impulstanz, Vienna, Movement Research, NYC, Ponderosa, Germany, TanzLaboratorium, Kiev and for dance companies such as the Lyon Opera Ballet, Lyon, and Young Dance, Minneapolis. Ramstad, with Olive Bieringa, co-directs the BodyCartography Project which investigates empathy and the physicality of space in urban, domestic, wild and social landscapes through dance, performance, video and installation work.
Single class with TQW Card PRO:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 6,–
Pack of ten with TQW Card PRO:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 54,–
Single class - regular price:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 17,–
Pack of ten - regular price:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 153,–

The contemporary training at Tanzquartier Wien is an open format and aims at professional dancers. Each training unit is a stand-alone and can be taken by participants individually. Special registration is not necessary, however we would ask participants to pay the training fee at the reception 15-30 minutes before the start of training.

For more information please contact Katrin Roschangar at training [at] tqw [dot] at