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where we meet, vol.1

POETRY OF THE UNKNOWN — where we meet, vol.1 is an attempt at  suprapersonal interaction in order to expand the boundaries of our physical bodies and thus our perception. Making the contingency of togetherness experienceable. Rotraud Kern and Raúl Maia explore the “space of the in-between” that arises through the relationship of their two bodies. In the in-between of intention and intentionlessness a new dimension takes over the movements of their bodies. The audience thus shares in an kinesthetic process that takes place through two bodies and their constantly changing space between them. In the dissolution of the individualised bodies a new space emerges that connects the performers and spectators and situatively allows them to become one.
FLUTE: Caroline Mayrhofer
SETTING + STYLING: Yasmina Haddad
OUTSIDE EYE: Claudia Heu
CO-PRODUCTION: Tanzquartier Wien
SUPPORTED BY: MA 7 - Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien
WITH SUPPORT OF: Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Im_flieger, Kabinett ad Co., Peter Zacherl
Rotraud Kern, born in Austria, has lived and worked in Vienna as a freelance dancer and choreographer since 2004. 2000-2003 contemporary dance training at SEAD in Salzburg. Since 2004 she has been working with Paul Wenninger/Kabinett ad Co. Own projects and collaborations at home and abroad, among others with Lisa Hinterreithner, Eva Musil, Daniel Zimmermann, Amanda Piña, TWof2, Clélia Colonna and Mirjam Klebel. She has worked among others for Saskia Hölbling, Lucie Strecker and Klaus Spieß, Anne Juren, Georg Blaschke and theatercombinat/Claudia Bosse. She has been practising Tai Chi / San Feng for 11 years and is a pupil of Dr Ming Wong. She is a founder member of cowbirds, who deal with the heritage of traditional polyphonic song, and with fish in search of water in search of original folk culture from various traditions.
Bas Devos is a film-maker. He has made several short films and a feature film, Violet. Currently he is working on his second feature film, Ascension Day. Since 2010
he has also been working as a lighting designer for theatre and dance.
Yasmina Haddad lives and works in Vienna as an artist and photographer. Since 2011, together with Andrea Lumplecker she has been running the Kunstraum school and the Performative Screenings events series. Based on photography, her artistic practice extends into the media of set design, styling, sculpture and sound; in the 2000s she was a member of the band Rashim. She is a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Fashion Design at the Basel Design University and at the IKL of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.
Peter Jakober studied composition under Georg Friedrich Haas and Gerd Kühr at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. So far his works have been interpreted by the Ensemble Recherche, the Aleph Guitar Quartet, Klangforum Wien, the Arditti Quartet, Cologne‘s Thürmchen Ensemble, the Ensemble für Neue Musik Graz and the Graz Orgelpfeifenorchester. Performances i.a. in the Austrian Culture Forum New York, the Konzerthaus Berlin, Ars nova of the SWR Deutschland, the Musikprotokoll at the Steirische Herbst, and Wien Modern. He received the 2010 Andrzej Dobrowolski Composition Scholarship from the province of Styria, the SKE Publicity Prize, the 2011/2012 Scholarship of the Akademie Schloss Solitude, and the 2015 Erste Bank Composition Prize.
Raúl Maia is a Portuguese dancer/performance artist who lives and works in Vienna. He has worked, among others, with Ultima Vez and Wim Vendekeybus, Anna MacRae, Tino
Sehgal, Fanni Futterknecht, Mike O’Connor, Sofia Diás & Vítor Roriz and Paul
Wenninger. He dedicates his time partly to his own projects and partly to his continuing artistic collaboration with the Belgian choreographer Thomas Steyaert. His works have been shown at various venues, i.a. Impulstanz, the Xplore dance festival, Potsdam Tanzfabrik, Idans
Istanbul, the Tanzquartier Wien, the WUK and Brut. Currently the focus of his work is on creating the general conditions for performers in which a body language can develop and which can be recontextualised in an art object.
Caroline Mayrhofer was born in Innsbruck and studied the recorder in Linz, Vienna and
Amsterdam. She was awarded an MA in the recorder as a concert discipline with unanimous distinction. She was a scholarship holder at the Amherst Early Music Festival, US, and at the Stichting Musici van Morgen, NL. Lecturing at the Bozen Conservatory. Multiple prize-winner at the Jugend musiziert federal competition, 2012 prize-winner at the International Competition for Contemporary Recorder Music in Darmstadt. Numerous concerts with new and early music as a soloist and in ensembles in Europe, America and Asia. Has collaborated on CD and radio productions (RecRec, EMI Digital, ORF, RAI, RTS Espace 2).
(c) Yasmina Haddad(c) Yasmina Haddad
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