Programme for Fri 2. Nov. 2012:

Praxis versus Theorie / Inkonsistenzen
Doppelredereihe: Der Widerstand gegen die Theorie

Praxis versus Theorie  

Perhaps what connects art with philosophy is the fact that it is a thinking that wants to be practice, not just theory. Perhaps philosophy is the complication of this all too simple opposite, practice versus theory. Not only because theory implies action but also because every action – implicitly or explicitly – corresponds to a theory. Resistance against theory has to be double resistance: resistance against a concept of theory without a performative dimension on the one hand; resistance against a concept of practice or performativity that ignores its theoretical implications on the other hand. Art and philosophy are connected in articulating this dual resistance by turning to the inconsistent parts of the constitutive reality (of our »world«) in order to subject the established model of reality to both practical and theoretical destabilisation.

Marcus Steinweg is a philosopher living in Berlin.



Art operates on the dividing line between the presence and absence, the consistency and inconsistency of reality. It indicates the space of indecision between 0 and 1 or put philosophically, between nothing and reality. Obviously it is a question of withdrawing trust in the established model of reality. Reality is perhaps nothing more than a theory: a fiction with a truth value. As with any construct, with this it is a question of an architecture floating over the abyss of ontological inconsistency – over chaos, as Deleuze and Guattari put it.

Marcellvs L. is a video and sound artist and lives in Berlin.

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