Programme for Fri 15. Nov. 2013:

Plateau Effect

Austrian première

"Brutal, brilliant and vertiginous ... a puzzling and intelligent ballet with a brilliant final." (Dagens Nyheter)
"... a poetic universe of vibrating energies ..." (Svenska Dagbladet)
"... something I, up until now, haven't seen on the dance stages …” (Expressen)

In recent years Jefta van Dinther has made a name for himself with works that address the audience with and through all the senses. Plateau Effect, his latest work, was commissioned for the internationally famous Stockholm-based Cullberg Ballet, founded in 1967, which is guest-staring at the Tanzquartier Wien.
At the centre of the work is the stage curtain: lengths of cloth that, in a gripping choreography through the play of the nine dancers, with appearing and disappearing, manipulation and dissolution, constitute themselves into an ever new terrain. By exploring the materiality of body, sound, light and stage and questioning the instability and dynamics of our environments, Jefta van Dinther together with the lighting artist Minna Tiikkaiinen and the composer David Kiers create emphatic images and scenes that challenge our perception: seductive and full of energy.

#ballet #stage #material #sound #synaesthesia #dynamic


CHOREOGRAPHY: Jefta van Dinther
SOUND DESIGN: David Kiers, with extra-composition and vocals: Kristjansdottir, based on Friday Night by Chinawoman, new text by: Jefta van Dinther
LIGHT: Minna Tiikkainen
ARTISTIC ADVISORS: Frédéric Gies, Robert Steijn and Kristine Slettevold
DANCERS: Alberto Franceschini, Daniel Sjökvist, Vincent Van der Plas, Samuel Draper, Sylvie Gehin Karlsson, Eszter Czédulás, Patricia Vázquez, Anna Pehrsson, Eva Mohn

 Interview and Trailer

SAT 16. NOV.
19.45 in TQW / Studios

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