The Forest of Mirrors
Endangered Human Movements Vol.3

Premiere / TQW co-production
“The xapiripë animal spirits have danced for shamans since primordial times and so they continue to dance today. They look like human beings but they are as tiny as specks of sparkling dust. To be able to see them you must inhale the powder of the yãkõanahi tree many, many times. It takes as much time as Whites take to learn the design of their words. The yãkõanahi powder is the food of the spirits. Those who don’t ‘drink’ it remain with the eyes of ghosts and see nothing”. (Davi Kopenawa, Yanomami thinker and political leader).
The third part of the project Endangered Human Movements investigates Amerindian ontologies, cosmologies, mythologies, iconography, magic and ritual art. In The Forest of Mirrors two dancers, Amanda Piña and Linda Samaraweerová, challenge the division of the species: between animal, plant and human, friend and enemy, strange and familiar.
Inspired by the hybrid beings that populate the oral and visual Amerindian image worlds, the work builds a sensory bridge between traditional indigenous knowledge and post-humanist philosophy.
At the intersection between the forgotten and the still unknown, an intensive reflection of the present thereby develops. A transhuman visual cabaret with no fear of genre codes and aesthetics. A dance of continuous transformation between the species.
Endangered Human Movements ist ein von nadaproductions und dem BMfB - Bundesministerium für Bewegungsangelegenheiten entwickeltes Langzeitprojekt, das sich mit angestammten Bewegungspraktiken und deren Übersetzung in die zeitgenössische Planetenkultur beschäftigt. Endangered Human Movements umfasst bereits die Performance und die Veröffentlichung von Four Remarks on the History of Dance - Endangered Human Movements Vol. 1, sowie die Performance Dance and Resistance - Endangered Human Movements Vol. 2.
PERFORMANCE + CHOREOGRAPHY: Linda Samaraweerová & Amanda Piña
COSTUME: Lise Lendais
MUSIC: Christian Müller
LIGHTING: Victor Duran
DRAMATURGY: Angela Vadori
RESEARCH TEAM: Marie-Christine Baratta, Sarah Blumenfeld, Amanda Piña, Angela Vadori
The Forest of Mirrors is a production by Nadaproductions, co-produced by EN-KNAP Productions, Ljubljana, and the Tanzquartier Wien in cooperation with Hellerau – European Centre for the Arts, STUK Leuven and nadaLokal Wien, and is supported by the Culture Department of the City of Vienna. The project Endangered Human Movements Vol. 3 is realised in cooperation with deSingel, Antwerp, and Impulstanz – Vienna International Dance Festival.
The Chilean choreographer Amanda Piña and the Swiss visual artist and film-maker Daniel Zimmermann have been collaborating together as Nadaproductions since 2005. They work in the fields of performance, contemporary dance, theatre, politics, installation and film.
Their interdisciplinary work concentrates on perception, the investigation of the mechanics of the other, the incorporation of non-Western references into contemporary art and the exposure of the structures of exclusion and inclusion.
They have contributed together to the establishment of institutions such as the BMFB, the Vienna Off-Space for Performing Art, nadaLokal (2009) and the programme Endangered Human Movements (2015). Their works have been shown internationally in theatres, halls, political and state institutions, art galleries, museums and festivals, i.a. Danza al Borde Valparaiso Chile, Europäische Tanzplattform, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Szene Salzburg, Choreographic Platform Austria, Theater Frascatti Amsterdam and the Royal Festival Hall London. Nadaproductions is supported by the City of Vienna and co-produced by the Tanzquartier Wien, Impulstanz – Vienna International Dance Festival in Austria, by the deSingel International Arts Campus Antwerp, STUK Leuven in Belgium and NAVE Centro de Creación y Residencia en Santiago de Chile.
(c) Joeri Thiry, STUK - Huis voor Dans, Beeld & Geluid
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