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“When Iztok Kovač toured Europe with his solo How I Caught a Falcon, Judith Mackrell of The Independent argued that ‘new dance is one of the last things anyone connects with Slovenia right now, and Kovač demands an instant regard by simply coming from where he does’. At that time, the solo was above all a form of artistic emancipation for Kovač . . . Falcon! opens a new space for ideas, wondering, excitement and artistic pleasure that did not exist before. It seems that this new space welcomes a fruitful encouragement towards interpretation and reflection – today perhaps even more so than at the time of the creation of the original performance.” (Jela Krečič: Delo, 18 October 2013)
Choreographer Iztok Kovač, and director, theatre theoretician and performer Janez Janša, now, in their fifties, return to the cult solo performance by Kovač How I Caught a Falcon from 1991 – one of the performances of the new Slovenian contemporary dance that made it possible to integrate it into the European context. After this performance Kovač founded the EN-KNAP dance company and production organisation and developed his own choreographic and dance language.

It is impossible to step into the same river twice, and they don’t even try to. The original solo is just a frame for their contemporary ideas about art and ageing, and a basis for their honest testimony about human limits. Falcon! is a never-ending struggle for perfection, for the effort to keep on moving and never stop.

CONCEPT, PERFORMED BY: Iztok Kovač, Janez Janša
VOICE: Nada Vodušek
GUESTS IN VIDEOS: Jonathan Burrows, Julyen Hamilton, Mateja Rebolj, Renata Salecl
MUSIC: Sound recordings from How I Caught a Falcon
CO-PRODUCER: Maska Ljubljana
VIDEO STATEMENTS BY: Jonathan Burrows, Julyen Hamilton, Mateja Rebolj and
Renata Salecl
CAMERA: Nina Bučuk, Janez Janša, Carme Renalias, Anna Berger
VIDEO EDITING: Julyen Hamilton, Amin Weber, Omar Ismail
TRANSLATION INTO ENGLISH: Marija Zidar; additional translations: Helena Klun Lavrič
Video from the performance The Immaterial World by Julyen Hamilton (performed in Seattle, USA, 2012).
Personal notes by Iztok Kovač from 1991. Texts by Simon Kardum (“Not bad, Ico”, Slovenske Novice, 16/01/1992), Judith Mackrell (“A foreign dream of liberation”, The Independent, 06/05/1993), Aldo Milohnić (“Agent slovenskega sna”, Dnevnik, 23/10/1992).
Venček Narodnih II by Vili Fajdiga from the album Za fuk pa špila gramofon, released by Nika Records, September 2009. Used by permission.
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jonathan Burrows, Julyen Hamilton, Janez Janša, Hotimir Knific, Anja Planišček, Mateja Rebolj, Renata Salecl, Julija Travančić, Amin Weber, Project Motionbank, MG+MSUM and Sever&Sever.
Created with the financial support by the City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture, and the Ministry of Culture RS.
PHOTOGRAPHS: Nada Žgank, Miha Fras
Out of virtually nothing in the 1990s the choreographer, teacher and dancer Iztok Kovač established the notion of Slovenian contemporary dance in the cultural space of Europe and beyond. In 1993 he established the international dance company En-Knap in Leuven, Belgium, under the auspices of the Klapstuk Festival; a year later the group moved its headquarters to Ljubljana, where he established EN-KNAP Productions. After 14 years of project-based work, in 2007 Kovač founded the international dance company EnKnapGroup, the first permanent ensemble for contemporary dance in Slovenia, thus beginning working on a repertory basis. Two years later EN-KNAP Productions was entrusted with the management of the Španski Borci Cultural Centre in Ljubljana, where Iztok Kovač is the artistic director and programmer of the domestic and international programme. In addition to 34 of his own projects, artistic direction and pedagogical work, his opus includes also six dance films. In 22 years, his EN-KNAP has introduced and established its own aesthetics within the European area and formed its trademark into which many acclaimed co-producers have invested from the outset. Iztok Kovač has received prominent domestic and international awards for his work.
Janez Janša is a contemporary artist who in 2007 together with two other Slovenian artists changed his name to that of the conservative, two-time prime minister of Slovenia. Before and after this radical artistic gesture Janša worked as theatre director and performer of interdisciplinary works that focus on the relationship between art and the social and political context surrounding it, reflecting the responsibility of the performers as well as the spectators.
He is also the director of Maska, a non-profit organisation in publishing, artistic production and education based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and has edited several books on contemporary dance and theatre. He is author of a book on early works of Jan Fabre, (La discipline du chaos, le chaos de la discipline, 1994).
He is currently a fellow at the international research centre Interweaving Performance Culture at the Freie Universität in Berlin and teaches on the master’s course in theatre direction at the University of Ljubljana.
In the frame of EDN – European Dancehouse Network with the support of  Bundeskanzleramt:Österreich.
(c) Miha Fras(c) Miha Fras(c) Nada Zgank
after the performance
with Iztok Kovač + Janez Janša
moderation: Christine Standfest
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