Contemporary Training with IRIS HEITZINGER
Contemporary Technique – “bodies experimenting”


29.5. – 10.6.
MO – SA 10.45 h – 12.30 h
In these classes we explore movement simultaneously through accumulating knowledge of our anatomical structure and focusing on our physical intuition. Contrary to our conscious mind which has certain limitations when it comes to focusing on various tasks at the same time, the body has a capacity to work within much more complex systems if we allow or provoke it to act from its intuitive and organic knowledge. Through exercises and concrete dynamics we search for this fluid and re-active state. We explore a body in and out of axis, the centre’s connection with the extremities, the complexity or our articulations and the use of the adequate energy. We attend to this practice through choreographed phrases and research exercises individually, with a partner and in groups, always aiming to amplify our physical language and to move freely.





Iris Heitzinger completed her training at the Anton Bruckner University (Linz/AT) and continued her studies in England, Holland, Belgium and Finland. Since then she has collaborated with different artists and groups such as Guillermo Weickert (ES), Vincent Dance Theatre (UK), Jeremy Wade (USA), Ted Stoffer (Belgium), H2Dance (SE/N) etc. Iris teaches regular classes and workshops in contemporary technique, improvisation and composition in Europe, Japan and Canada. Since 2007 she creates her own work both individually and collectively with an interest in interdisciplinary and intercultural collaborations which investigate the body's capacities from different angles like in Blackbox (2010) with the guinea pig collective - new media/movement/sound, L_ENTES (2012) with the choreographer Natalia Jiménez, Trinity (2013) with the visual artist Oscar Sol, The measure of disorder (2015) with Group LaBolsa and Thomas Hauert.
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Single class with TQW Card PRO:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 6,–
Pack of ten with TQW Card PRO:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 54,–
Single class - regular price:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 17,–
Pack of ten - regular price:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 153,–

The contemporary training at Tanzquartier Wien is an open format and aims at professional dancers. Each training unit is a stand-alone and can be taken by participants individually. Special registration is not necessary, however we would ask participants to pay the training fee at the reception 15-30 minutes before the start of training.

For more information please contact Katrin Roschangar at training [at] tqw [dot] at