Anna Achimowicz (PL/AT)

Contemporary Training with ANNA ACHIMOWICZ


12.6. – 24.6. (except THUR 15.6.)
MON – SAT 10.45 – 12.30
Constant Flow Contemporary Dance is a hybrid of modern, physical dance and an organic moving style. The class starts with a warming up on the floor followed by floor combinations, warming up the spine, pelvis and articulations. The focus lies on the relaxation of the muscular tension by using only as much force as it is needed to create a soft and gentle body language thru shifting the centre from a low level to standing. Quality moving is inspired by martial arts, physical theatre and neo classical technique. The focus of the whole class is on natural organic movement with flow. The eclectic style of Constant Flow Contemporary Dance is exploring different dynamics and levels as well as working on dancers own interpretation in the choreography sequences to emphasize their individual personality.




Anna Marika Achimowicz is the artistic director of the Theatre Companie Achimowicz, dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, certified GYROKINESIS® teacher, Physiotherapist and NCMT© therapist. Anna worked with choreographers like: Ultima Vez Dancers, Charlotta Öfverholm, W&M Physical Theatre, Thierry Verger. She produces and choreographs her own work since 2004. She collaborates with artists like Johannes Randolf, Wojciech Mochniej, Mark Baigent, Jaroslaw Cieslikowski and many others. Anna creates and performs thru-out Europe, mainly in Austria, Poland and Sweden. She is an international guest teacher and performer at numerous festivals in Vienna, Berlin, Zagreb, Stockholm, Paris, Vilnius.


Single class with TQW Card PRO:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 6,–
Pack of ten with TQW Card PRO:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 54,–
Single class - regular price:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 17,–
Pack of ten - regular price:
105 min. training (10.45 h – 12.30 h): € 153,–
The contemporary training at Tanzquartier Wien is an open format and aims at professional dancers. Each training unit is a stand-alone and can be taken by participants individually. Special registration is not necessary, however we would ask participants to pay the training fee at the reception 15-30 minutes before the start of training.
For more information please contact Katrin Roschangar at training [at] tqw [dot] at