Sebastijan Geč (SLO) / Otto Krause (A) / Milan Loviška (SK/A)

After this, therefore because of this


 “Listen to me, I can’t help but think, that we cannot go on like this anymore. I find it actually P    roblematic if we are not ab L  e to come to a common ground. Why do we start A   ll over again? Wh   Y do we risk the same pattern to be repeated without any worth? Are we to G       ether just for the sAke of being together? Do we treasure the “we” so Much that “w     E” are becoming blind to unproductivity of such a behavior? Do you think there is still any time left for “us” or the game is OVER? Please, let me know as soon as possible.”


BY AND WITH: Sebastijan Geč (performer, choreographer), Otto Krause (costume and stage designer), Milan Loviška (performer, choreographer)

& followed by the FEEDBACK-closing party
with Dressing For Beats'
by Tomate Van Monte and The Clicks

Admission free

In the framework of
FEEDBACK [2nd edition]
An excerpt from the current dance and performance scene in Austria in the view of Tanzquartier Wien