AMANDA PIÑA / nadaproductions (CL/A)

»What I dance from war«

Lecture performance

As part of the research for the piece WAR that will premiere in December 2013, Amanda Piña gives a first glimpse in her current research. The focus thereby lies on two traditional dances from Easter Island, Rapa Nui, codified Polynesian dances that tell stories through movement. Hoko is a war dance, and Aparima consists of soft and graceful movements. In the Easter Island, the formal reconstruction of this ancestral culture started only some years ago, carrying on an old vocabulary transmitted body-to-body while seeing other, contemporary dances and choreographies emerge in the culture. Whereas the practice of the movements and gestures of the traditional dances has been reconstructed, the meaning of the dances is in continuous negotiation, today becoming and being performed as claims for cultural, political and economical autonomy of the island. In times where war and terror are mediated by technology and thus disembodied and often anonymous, this research focuses on how dance as an act of empowerment can be a decisive element in the activation of a group’s energy towards achieving a goal.

Lecture performance in English.

In the framework of
SCORES N°7: intact bodies
Artistic-theoretical parcours on the
choreography of territories

in Tanzquartier Wien / Studios

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