Werkstück 2015: Reality Check / Application ends OCT 27

Werkstück 2015: Reality Check
Project for the development and presentation of young choreographic works at the Tanzquartier Wien

The invitation for the new edition of the young choreographers’ project Werkstück has begun. This season the Vienna-based director Yosi Wanunu will be mentoring the development process up until the performances in June 2015.

Werkstück aims to promote the individual development process of the artists and at the same time to offer a platform for new, experimental choreographic works at the Tanzquartier Wien. This year, under the title Reality Check, we want to provide a clear focus and so we are putting up the following questions: How can questions that occupy us intensively in everyday life be translated into artistic works? What tools are chosen in order to translate specific (difficult, awkward, undigested, social, immediate etc) individual or shared realities into performance? The themes may span a wide arc and should be related to the political/public context. Central questions of artistic means are taken up, such as what kind of performer, space, movement or language material does my idea need, what reference systems or ethical principles am I questioning and are necessary for its implementation? The coach is actively involved in the artistic process through effective questions without laying down artistic guidelines.

In ever new constellations and (collective) experiments, in his performative works Yosi Wanunu, director of the toxic dreams company since 1997, goes to the boundaries of what can be performed, above all when it concerns the analysis and illustration of socio-political realities and their effects on community/communities. Here personal emotion and the dialogue with a contemporary discourse about political aesthetics both play an equally important role.

"Where do politics start? How do you start to be political? Where do things start to become political? Carl Schmitt had a clear answer to these questions. He argued that politics begin when you start to distinguish between friends and enemies. To make these distinctions is a powerful symbolic act. It is the act of naming friends and denouncing enemies. This act cuts right through the fabric of social life. The political splits society and it emerges out of this split. The political is inaugurated through a cut. It takes someone to perform this cut, a performer with the power to address the public and make it believe that those whom he/she names as friends and enemies are really whom he/she has declared them to be. Politics are therefore born in a moment that is as mythical as it is theatrical. You have to make a scene to politicise social life." Yosi Wanunu


Key data on the application process:
27 OCT -> Deadline for submission of the concept by e-mail to: training [at] tqw [dot] at
10 NOV -> Call back: response and invitation of selected artists to the presentation.
22 NOV -> Selection day with a personal performative presentation and discussion.

Working period
JAN – JUNE 2015 -> Rehearsals, group and individual coaching
JUNE 2015 -> Presentation

Background information:

Werkstück is a format that was developed in order to support prospective choreographers in the development of short works. A maximum of three participants will be selected to present their works in the Tanzquartier Wien Studios in June 2015.

The project is mentored by an experienced coach – this year Yosi Wanunu – who will accompany the artists from the selection process through individual and group coaching up until the final rehearsals and performances. For this reason it is important that the participating artists are resident in Vienna from January to June 2015 in order to contribute actively to the process.

Likewise, the Tanzquartier Wien will support the participants through the use of the rehearsal room in its own studios, through a production salary and technical support.

The project is aimed at choreographers (max. age 35) who have previously produced few choreographic works of their own. The concepts should be developed exclusively for Werkstück. As it is a mixed evening, the technical demands of the work should be realistically suited to the framework.

The development process of the works is an essential component of Werkstück. Even though the project is mentored by a coach and the Tanzquartier Wien team (dramaturgy, training & workshops, production and theory) it is central that the participants themselves also contribute to the communication process. Openness to constructive criticism and exchange is expected; presence in the three group coachings  is obligatory.

Those interested are requested to submit their ideas in the form of a written concept. The maximum two A4 pages should outline a precise artistic intention and also contain information about the background, the working method and the implementation as well as an artistic biography. After a first preliminary selection there will be a performance presentation with discussion. We would ask you to prepare brief outlines of your plans for these approx. 10-minute presentations.

Contact and further information:

Tanzquartier Wien, Training and Workshops
Katrin Roschangar, e-mail: training [at] tqw [dot] at, Tel.: 01-581 35 91-50