Tanzquartier Wien

limited officetime during reconstruction

The Tanzquartier Wien is closed until 25 January 2018 due to reconstruction and renovation work.
In case of urgent inquiries we are available under the
telephone no. + 43-1-581 35 91 or via tanzquartier@tqw.at


We take advantage of the time until the beginning of the next Artistic Direction period for maintenance, renovation and reconstruction work that has become urgently necessary after 16 years.
The detailed plans of Bettina Kogler, the next Artistic Direction from 1.1. 2018, and her team will be announced at a press conference in December. We look forward to the joint launch in January 2018.

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Invitation Training & Workshops Meeting
Venue: Halle G at Museumsquartier

Date: Monday, 30 October 2017, 2 pm till 5 pm

Tanzquartier Wien invites everyone interested from the local dance and performance scene for an informal gathering and exchange on the topic of future training and workshops at Tanzquartier Wien.