Thank you for all applications, the cast of Saint Genet – Is this the promised End is already complete!
Danke für sämtliche Bewerbungen, der Cast von Saint Genet – Is this the promised End ist bereits vollständig!
Saint Genet – Is this the promised End @ Wiener Festwochen 2017 in Koproduktion mit dem Tanzquartier Wien
14.00 h – 17.00 h  (start registration and warm-up 13.30)
in TQW / Studios
Dancers are expected to attend 4 weeks of rehearsals that will take place at Tanzquartier Wien/Studios and Halle G (final stage rehearsals) from April 18 until May 12, 2017 (except Sundays)
5 performances between May 13 and May 19, 2017 (precise dates to be confirmed) in Halle G
Info and Application:
Lenneke Willemsen, Casting/Produktion Wiener Festwochen
Please send a CV to: l [dot] willemsen [at] festwochen [dot] at
Saint Genet is a company directed by Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell that creates large scale, environmental installations, image-based opera, body-based performance and dance. Saint Genet has presented work in varied and lauded venues such as the Guggenheim Museum (New York), the Frye Art Museum, On the Boards, the donaufestival, the Luminato Festival, and any number of abandoned buildings, alleyways, and secret loft locations. Currently Saint Genet has been commissioned to create a series of installations and performances premiering at the donaufestival in April 2016 and Wiener Festwochen 2017 by the donaufestival and Wiener Festwochen, with supporting partners Kunsthalle Krems, and Tanzquartier Wien.
We are currently seeking cast dancers (with an interest and background in contemporary body and text based performance practice), for a month long creation period with 5 performances to immediately follow of our largest piece to date "Is This The Promised End" premiering at Wiener Festwochen 2017. We are proactively looking to cast outside the normative idealized "dancer body" and want to stress that all ages, shapes, sizes, genders, ethnicities, and training backgrounds will be celebrated and encouraged in this audition.
Our current choreographic process is a collaborative one that draws upon the dancer’s ability to execute movement with rigor and curiosity. Saint Genet strives to blur the lines between trained and untrained dancers and performers by creating a series of performance modalities, which may include text, exhaustive performance action, and substances used to elevate the artist into a “hysteric of heightened state”. Our dance language draws on repetitive and durative movements to excavate the body’s potential through endurance and strength; as well as, the ability to articulate with softness, elegance, and attention to detail the power of failure.
In the audition we will traverse a kinetic dialogue between guided improvisation and highly structured material from the work. Artists with a professional background in improvisation and partnering, who are open to generating material, navigating a full spectrum of dancing that includes the virtuosic, the subtle, and the hidden; inhabiting psychical and psychological choreography. Dancers must also have interest in co-creating with non-dance trained company members.
Language: English
Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell creates large-scale pieces that range from symphonies and experimental plays in abandoned buildings, to 6 hour performances in museum reflecting pools, boxing matches in filthy alleyways, rooftop performances atop doomed domiciles, ether induced “madness opera”, grandiose architectural wakes, and sublime blood fueled social reckonings. His pieces are neither purely plays or performance art commodity; neither complete spectacle or didactic diatribe. They are works that are vanishing.  Mitchell was co-founder and director of revolutionary theatre company Implied Violence , where he wrote, produced and directed 29 major pieces, and was  awarded Robert Wilson’s prestigious Watermill Residency, as well as The Stranger Genius Award. His works have been seen nationally and internationally, including a museum exhibition Implied Violence: Yes and More and Yes and Why (The Frye Art Museum, 2010), with avant-pop trio The Dead Science (2007), at the esteemed and daring donaufestival, “The Dorothy K: The Plague of Marcus” a collaboration with Zac Pennington of Parenthetical Girls (2010), and curated by Robert Wilson for The Guggenheim NYC’s Works and Process Festival (2011). He founded Saint Genet and presented "Transports of Delirium" in August, 2011 and in February of 2012  co-curated The Frye Art Museum’s Moment Magnitude exhibition while curating Moment Magnitude he  was co-commissioned by The Luminato Festival (Toronto, Canada) and donaufestival (Krems, Austria) to create the large-scale experimental opera "Paradisiacal Rites". "Paradisiacal Rites" premiered in at donaufestival in April of 2013 and in The United States at On the Boards in May of 2013 where he also created a series of satellite performance projects including the re-creation of Christopher Burden’s "Shoot".
Matt Drews is a movement artist who oscillates between the realms of dance, yoga + performance. His creative roles aqueous as choreographer, performer + teacher. He facilitates states of experience for bodies to investigate movement with a heightened lens toward healing, presence + ritual. He studied at Naropa University + holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts. His work has been produced at donaufestival, Decibel Electronic Music Festival, On the Boards + Velocity Dance Center. He has collaborated with Ate9 dANCE cOMPANY(L.A.), tEEth Performance (PDX), Saint Genet (SEA), Kate Wallich + the YC (SEA), among others.